To get 50X100:SHOP Contract Address confirm the terms and fill your Ethereum wallet address:

How to get 50X100 tokens using 50X100:SHOP?

Enter your OWN Ethereum address in the form below and the address of 50X100:SHOP Smart Contract will be shown. Transfer any amount of ETH bigger than 0.11 ETH to this address from YOUR OWN BLOCKCHAIN ADDRESS. If you will transfer funds using exchange's account, or any other service except your own BLOCKCHAIN ADDRESS, your tokens will be lost because they will be sent to the same address we received ETH from immediately after, and Exchanges and services will not credit your account with this tokens.


It is very important to enter YOUR OWN wallet address from which you are going to send ETH and buy 50X100 tokens. Do not transfer funds from your Exchange account or any other service other than YOUR personal wallet or tokens will be lost!!!


    Name: 50X100
    Decimals: 8 decimals
    Blockchain: Ethereum
    Standard: ERC20
    Smart contract: 0x5c93c04cd34ddb4ee988466563a38b139e41401e is the first cryptocurrency exchange to distribute 100% of the collected commissions (excluding expenses) between 50X and 50X100 token holders, and this is not a benefit that will lessen over time - it will stay with you for as long as you hold your 50X100.
Attention! Do not transfer your 50x100 tokens between addresses after you've got them from the 50X100:SHOP or they will be no longer qualified for the 20% pool part of the distributions!

A special 20% bonus in commission earnings for original 50x100 buyers

This 20% bonus is distributed among current 50x100 holders, who have never sold their tokens. Therefore, in a scenario where more people sell their 50x100 in the open market, a fewer number of 50x100 token holders who never sold them is left and the greater their share of that 20% will be. This is something that cannot be reversed and is only attributed to 50x100 holders, thus the per-token share of that reserved 20% will only ever increase over time. The takeaway from this is the following: it is better to never sell 50x100 and watch your dividends grow.